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A Message from the President

Philosophy & Purpose

The "Improvement of Research Environment for Young Researchers" program at Gunma University aims to create an environment in which young researchers can independently carry out their research.

The program is a model for building the novel system, under the guidance of the University President and Vice-President(s), that nurtures the next generation of scientific leaders, who will conduct cutting-edge research in the Advanced Scientific Research Leaders Development Unit, an organization which supersedes the traditional structures of the university.

Through the tenure-track program the Unit recruits and selects internationally young and ambitious (YA) researchers to join a team of researchers in either medicine / bioscience (The Advanced Medicine / Bioscience Research Team) or engineering (The Advanced Engineering Research Team). The Unit supports YA staff members with sufficient financial and physical resources so they are able to maximize their creativity.

Furthermore, YA staff members are supported by a board of mentors and advisors who respect the researchers’ independence and autonomy.

The Research Personnel Development Review Board is established to provide feedback to the university regarding the tenure-track program, thereby improving hiring practices and movement of personnel within the university.

Our goal is to build The Advanced Scientific Research Leaders Development Unit into a Center of Research at Gunma University.


To survive this century, Japan, a country poor in natural resources, must clear a path toward an "age of knowledge" by becoming a leader in science and technology. To promote such cutting-edge technologies, it is imperative to create an environment in which young creative minds can fully display their talents.

Through funding awarded to Gunma University by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan (MEXT), we have established a tenure-track program to attract young, energetic and highly-qualified researchers worldwide. A robust network of support has been established so that researchers in medicine/bioscience, and engineering have a place to exhibit their talents. It is expected that researchers who have subsequently obtained tenure will become a nucleus of research activities at Gunma University. This is an opportunity for researchers from around the globe to tackle challenging research at Gunma University.